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How Can You Identify High Quality CBD Oil?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Where is your CBD being made?

As with all things consumable, the quality of the product is only as good as the quality of the ingredients. The same applies for consumer hemp-based CBD products. If you still don’t know what the hype about CBD is you can read about it here… Using a good, high quality reputable source for your raw hemp will ensure you extract a high quality oil, its really that simple. There are many US based extractors that are producing good product. The consistent theme between all of them is the strength of their supply chain when it comes to procuring high quality raw production grade hemp flower. Quality manufacturers also exist in Europe with sourcing done from farming collectives dedicated to sustainability and transparency along the supply chain similar to what we have here in the US.

Top quality producers will also have multiple testing rounds within the manufacturing process. Testing is done before the flower is used, during the extraction process and after completion. This ensures the quality of the hemp is high to begin with, the extraction process itself is controlled for inconsistencies and the end result is a product that meets guidelines for accepted strength and purity.

Where is Your CBD Coming From?

Hemp used for domestic CBD extraction comes from sources on US farms in California, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and 39 other states. The industry is still struggling with legal challenges from law enforcement organizations not aware of the new hemp guidelines so many manufacturers prefer to procure raw materials from local suppliers within the states they produce and sell in. This is changing as the industry matures and demand for raw CBD oil and its derivatives increases nationally. Individual states also license and approve hemp growers through state agriculture departments adding an additional level of scrutiny and quality assurance for the consumer.

How Do I Know I Am Not Taking THC?

New manufacturing processes are producing purer and more consistent consumer products in the CBD industry. Processes such as Centrifugal Partition Chromatography being recently developed and with other more advanced processes in testing phases, the industry will continue to see further innovation as talent and resources align with opportunity. The current process of testing raw materials before production is arguably the best way to ensure THC doesn’t enter the supply chain. Continued testing during and after ensure the process wasn’t tainted along the way with a batch of raw materials containing higher then allowable levels of THC.

For the consumer, using products containing only broad spectrum oil and CBD Isolate ensure low to no levels of THC exposure. Both of these types of CBD oils are derived mostly from hemp based sources insuring low levels of THC in the raw materials used in production. Element RX CBD uses a proprietary blend of broad spectrum and CBD isolate in its unique formulations to help you achieve maximum wellness benefits from the incorporation of CBD into your lifestyle. We remove any residual THC during the extraction process while continually testing from the initial selection of raw materials to the completion of the end product in order to deliver the best, purest and healthiest CBD commercially available.

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