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How Much CBD is Right For Me?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

It’s important to know exactly how much CBD you're taking on a daily basis because you're taking it for desired health benefits. If your taking it for pain or are seeking other forms of comfort you might not get all the benefits if you're not taking enough of a dose. The flip side to that is that you may be taking too much for your intended purpose, which is wasteful and CBD is expensive.

CBD Percentages and CBD Milligrams

If your using an extract, tincture or CBD oil, as long as you're buying from a reputable manufacturer you're avoiding many of the hazards associated with dosage. 1 mg of pure CBD oil has one milligram of CBD, knowing this simple fact allows you to control your dosage and adjust your dosage to match your intended purpose. Problems arise using CBD in other consumable products. The manufacturer must be accurate in the amount of CBD it uses in combination with other ingredients and this leads to inconsistency and mislabeling.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

It is still very difficult to know how much CBD is right for an individual user. It involves trial and error in order to discover exactly what dosage is best for you. A combination of height, weight, metabolism and body chemistry all function as variables. The recommended approach is starting with a low dosage and building up to achieve your desired result. The objective is to never take more than you need and to avoid wasting any valuable CBD. A good starting point to determine your proper CBD dosage is to take 0.5 mg - 1 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on the individual's specific needs. Keep in mind some people may require only a few mg while others may require over a 100 mg.

We've developed a 100mg option for customers to begin exploring the use of CBD in their daily lives. This low dosage allows you to incrementally build up and gauge the effects if you are new to using CBD. It's also a great option as a gift for someone who you may want to introduce CBD to.

As you begin to increase dosage we recommend starting out with a 1/2 dropper twice a day or about 13mg. Drop the CBD in your mouth, hold under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. Consistency is key so you should use CBD daily to achieve the maximum results.

As you gradually increase your CBD dosage to one of element RX's higher milligram products you’ll begin begin to see consistency in the desired results you are seeking. As with most medications you could see an increase in your tolerance levels and some of the benefits level off over time. The Element RX 1000mg product is a good choice for consistent use once you get acclimated to using CBD.

When you need the maximum benefits available you can purchase our flagship heavy-duty blend in 2500mg. We recommend building up to this high dose CBD oil after some personal experience using one of the lower dose options. This is fast becoming a best seller from our selection of high quality CBD oil.

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