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Why Choose Element Rx CBD?

Element Rx CBD is a Central Valley Business

With literally hundreds of CBD companies now on the market, how do you know who to pick to get the best products? My first recommendation would be to start local. Instead of ordering your CBD products from a company thousands of miles away you should look towards your hometown manufacturers as a good place to start. In California and more specifically the Central Valley consumers have an advantage. They have one of the top CBD oil manufacturers and consumer-facing product companies right in their own backyard. Element Rx CBD Oil is a local company, with local roots, started by individuals born and raised in Clovis, CA.

Element Rx CBD Oil is Made in California

Hemp has created a new agricultural revolution across America and is also finding a home in California’s Central Valley. Our products are mixed and processed locally in a state-of-the-art ISO 7 (Class 10,000) Certified cleanroom facility, utilizing automatic filling, labeling, and packaging equipment. Our purpose-built cleanroom is an unsurpassed model of technology, designed to keep the outside environment from getting in. ​This approach enables our cleanroom to maintain a contaminant-free environment at all times, assuring delivery of a safe and ultra clean product.

Element Rx CBD Oil is Tested for Quality and Safety

Every batch of CBD that is created at our lab is tested on the premises before it is even bottled, these tests include purity, cannabinoid profile, metals, terpenes, residual solvents and pesticides. ISO Certification (International Organization for Standardization) is a seal of endorsement proving the validity of a business. Strict sanitation protocols and bottling processes ensure the safe production of CBD products to the highest industry standards.

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American Hemp Supporting American Farmers

Since the passage of the Senate Farm Bill, hemp has become another staple crop of American farmers. While the competitive dynamics of worldwide trade create price pressures that make it tough for the farmers to stay in business, Hemp has created a lifeline for many. Industrial hemp, high in CBD, naturally low in THC, is a sought-after commodity for literally thousands of consumer products. Element Rx CBD only uses American grown hemp in our extraction facilities. Not only is this good for American farmers, it's vitally important for American consumers to know where their products are sourced from. The added levels of protection, regulation, and standardization provided by the USDA is lacking for many global hemp growers. Element Rx CBD oil only uses American grown hemp to extract the highest quality CBD oil available.

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