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An Interview With Rob Porcella - April 8, 2020

KMJ Radio recently conducted an interview with our own Rob Porcella. Rob is the founder of Element Rx CBD. Listen as he talks about and answers callers questions about CBD.

The growth of CBD as a popular health and wellness supplement has been amazing and Rob goes into the many challenges of the industry and shares some of his personal stories in the hemp and CBD business.

The Hemp Plant

Rob talks about the construction of the hemp plant and how various parts of it are used to create the different products you see on the market. Hemp is a complex plant that has been used for many different applications from construction to consumables. There are also many regional and environmental issues to consider when selecting for the plant variety. The discussion goes into the differences in areas of the country like Kentucky and California and takes a deep dive into how the plant is grown, harvested, and ultimately prepared for CBD extraction.

The Therapeutic Uses of CBD

Many other mainstream products are becoming available every day and the infinite number of ways the plant can be used is extraordinary. The discussion goes into the many different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and their benefits. Many misconceptions around the benefits of CBD are talked about and Rob shares his customers and personal experience with using CBD.

Listener Questions

Listeners share personal stories around the use of CBD and add to the show with questions commonly heard around the topic of cannabis, hemp, and CBD. How much CBD do I take? Will it show up on my drug test? Where is the product sourced? Will it get me high? Rob answers all these questions and many more. Download the complete interview here.

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